Can You Pass The Bundle of School Supplies Test?

Guide to Bundle Of School Supplies

A dry erase marker okay Trevor is like a reminder that holds more than subject all right Jonah you needed a trapper here’s one right here okay trapper yeah donate who this one actually says Trapper Keeper in a black pencil pockets on Trapper Keeper I have no idea.

Bundle of School Supplies

Bundle of School Supplies okay I know what that is over here which one you want yet know which one you want black an eye good that one’s even one of these don’t you like that one I think the bottles of rubbish gen – what I need two bottles of rubbers in.

There Oh rubber cement okay protractor the sketch of a turtle no crayons one box of pens there you go Collins on they need to be erased oh yeah be looking for two-inch finder and then our three-ring binder.

A New Bundle Of School Supplies

Okay all the fibers are right here the colors you want where the colors you think your guy would like the best your imaginary student you’re buying for.

¬†Emma look at those bundle of school supplies I don’t need for their mommies all right you want to put I need notebook and children sorry yeah but soon I need spiral note books how.

Bundle of School Supplies many- this is cool oh it down I got to those always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn then always be a uniform that’s good a dvice very good okay now to the pattern for your CD colored ones and a like a normal color one okay okay and I offense or you kind.

School of these yeah oh my gosh they’re so cute what you looking for Jonah okay I’ve got dictionary Bundle of School Supplies yeah do.

You hmm what has happened to the to the public schools America I don’t even need glue well it’s cuss that’s an older it’s an older grade he’s still not gluing things together you all cool oh oh yeah I need two bottles of rubber cement.