Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Senior Assisted Living?

Boss Has About Senior Assisted Living

so you can give it to them when they come back or whatever but anyway so that’s just something to keep in mind that you do have to do a little bit more hunting around within the facility because.

You know they can be down in the bistro or the cafeteria or outside we have a garden working in the garden or you know activities room or visiting in other residents apartments or sitting outside so you like you do have to do.

A little bit more hunting around whereas you know when you’re in a nursing home is typically senior assisted living  locked down and they um you know can roam throughout facility in.

The hallways but within reasons you know where they’re added all-times mm sorry I’ve just like I’m really excited about this topic I’m not trying to yahoo i have nursing home so boring-but anyway am usually there are no questions in a nursing home as far as from the actual residents like they may they don’t question.

Their medicine or what time it’s given usually like you got into your routine on the AL side just a living side like they do ask a lot more questions i think about their medicines or you know.

People Love to Hate Senior Assisted Living

They want you took into show for them hmm especially the ones that I’m self-medicate a lot of them are into um vitamins and supplements and minerals which are cool-like.

I’m totally cool with that like if you’re seen any of my other video you’ve heard about like kind of what I ‘m into but anyway yea though I want you kind of look up like maybe interactions different things and.

It kind of becomes a point where you sort of have to draw that line and tell them what you need to go see your doctor or you need to talk to your doctor about this-because we’re not qualified as nurses to make those calls okay I’m trying to keep his as concise as possible if you have any questions just phone in the comments.